Saturday, October 3, 2009



3rd October,2009.

6 p.m

Dear Friends,

Good evening!today,the fifth day it is raining heavily!Incessant rains accompanied by strong winds play havoc in the state.nearly five hundred houses are and navy have reached to rescue people n take them to shelter.As the Chief Minister and the opposition leader had to rush to the spot,they did not attend yesterday's Goodbye Onam-2009 function.the state has not witnessed such a situation in the last fifty years.water logging n landslide disrupts the Konkan Railway route.

there are beautiful red roses n two lovely bouquets,in the sitting room now.the fresh flowers make a lot of difference in the mood n feelings.:)palada prathaman was distributed to the invitees.Onam kit which consisted of boiled banana,sarkara upperi,banana chips n halwa was gifted to each n everyone!so,this year Onam was grand in this beautiful state.theyyam n chenda melam were awesome[from kannur].pravasis get better chances to witness the traditional art form of kerala.

right from childhood i always liked to participate in competitions.mostly i won prizes.if at all it was about losing the prize,i used to sulk the whole day.:)i looked forward for literary competitions[even now].once i particiapted in slogan writing on corruption;today i want to share with you.:)it was written years before.
Corruption is illegal,unethical n dangerous.friends,let's fight against it together.
Say no to corruption

It is worse than a bomb blast!

Life is one indivisible whole

Live a life worth living

Say no to corruption.


India is famous

For unity in diversity,

Let us unite and develop,

A corruption free country.


We will have to repent

To live in a polluted world

Polluted by corruption

Which leads to our destruction


The life n future of the nation is secure

Only when the nation is corruption free.


Corruption is an addiction

Say no to it.


Be content with what you have

Then corruption ends in itself.


Save the world

Show you are smart n bold,

Free the world from,

The clutches of this Narakasura-corruption

It is an evil.


Be proud to say

I'm not corrupt.


Corruption is destruction

Be away from it.


Be supportive n useful to society

And for that,abolish corruption.


wishing you a lovely n cool weekend.let us dream a corruption free society to live.take the first step;good luck for the positive action.Anu loves you all.

it's anu signing off...........




Anya said...

Hi Anu
I hope you think positive ..
I think tomorrow will the sun shine
If I could I send you a big bouquet
roses from Dutch :)))
Enjoy your sunday and thanks for always your lovely comments on my blog !!
keep smiling...
Anya :)

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Anu, u r a good competitor..nice to know that ..and yaa even in andhra incessant rain has been troubling ppl in masses..:(..hope for the best ,,

and corruption..yaa nice quotes and would like to see a corruption free india..

i will share if i get quotes related to this .. ok naa..

take care ..

Smitha said...

Hi Anu, I like the responsibility with which you write.Food for thought.
Will be here often too :)

Smitha said...

BTW, forgot to mention my appreciation for the wonderful comment on my blog. Reading it made my day too :)

Readers Dais said...

Dear Anu,
Well said this is actually the need of the nation right now,but whom to blame,Politicians ? Beurocrats ? or the aam janatha ?No one to be frank i do feel there is no escape for the common man from this clutches of corription.As u said even in diversity if we unite,for what should we unite ? Do we have a choice to make..when X,Y & Z are involved in scams whenever they rule,we cant have a choice other than this.....just keeping the fir e within..what else..when we read about corruption,when we see a cinema on corruption..haa our blood is on fire...but then its all the same and we have no choice...

Shall we launch a political party.. [ il be the treasurer :)]

anupama said...

Dear Anya,
thanks a lot for your sincere malayalam,the language of kerala,ANYA means stranger.but you are the friend of so many and you inspire many bloggers by your loving n kind words.:)you are ablessed soul,dear.
thanks a bunch for the roses,and when u come to INDIA,we can exchange flowers.:)but i love jasmine more.have you seen jasmine?the flowers n their enchanting fragrance make meso romantic.:)
i think positive,i do.
happy weekend,but no blogging ,friend.u need complete bed rest.get well are in my prayers n thoughts.
don't be so active in sports.:)
wishing you a weekend to relax,

anupama said...

Dear Prams,
thanks a lot for your views.yes,the heavy downpours caused havoc in different parts of the country.natural calamities do happen n they are frightening.
dear,these are not quotes.i had written the slogans many years before.that was for a competition.i feel like participating in all competitios;but the problem is I must get a prize.:)you can send me the quotes;most welcome.
have a great sunday n enjoy!

anupama said...

Dear Smitha,
thanks a bunch for your comment.happy to know that you have understood my responsibility towards know what,before becoming a blogger i used to send a morning mail daily to my people reminding them about the important events,dates,festivals n the i do that with the vast readers of the blog.:)
smitha,you bring cheer n your presence is always felt with a smile on my face.
happy sunday n wonderful cooking for DIWALI!

anupama said...

Dear Smitha,
cheers!iam really happy to know that your day was made by comments.i'm honoured,dear.
but i must tell you,browsing through your posts are yummy n delicious!:)i reached you late.
so,u may be busy now with DIWALI coming up.........

anupama said...

Dear Unni,
i know we are fed up with this vice practice of the society-corruption.unni,i don't like mentioning politics in my space.i stopped complaining.when i did nothing happened.i was labelled as a rebel.i lost my sleep n i have become wiser n matured.
do u know,when i was in 7th std,the management of the convent school utilised my leadership quality and made me lead aprotest march against govt.i had the guts!and i became the chattambi kalyani for the boys.:)i was given strong warning.
now as bloggers let us bring out awareness about the right n wrong,writing inspirational stories and the incidents from great men's lives,retelling the famous quotes,trying to inspire the common man,living an ideal life all are the peaceful measure we can dopt.:)
have a great weekend,eventhough it is not a holiday........:)
waiting for your new post,

dreams said...

only way to curb corruption in Indian society is to stop printing cash

Bhavik salat said...

corruption is an interruption to development.
a cancer spread to countrywide.

Mahendra said...

Hi Anu,

Thanks for your contribution against Indian corruption.

krantikari said...

We all have to understand our responsibility and have to follow it.
we have to stop corruption from us first and we will find that OUR INIA is becoming free from corruption.
support ANNA...........

krantikari said...

We have to understand and take our responsibility.
we have to stop corruption from us first,we will find that OUR INDIA is going to be completely clean from corruption.
support ANNA.......

sahil said...

hi anna,
ihave studied but they have not studied that "every action has equal n opposite reaction"

sahil said...

hi anna,
i have studied but they have nat studied that"every action has an equal n opposite reaction"


we All are not supporting ANNAji.Actually every INDIAN seeing his bright FUTURE just because of AANAji thats why now every INDIAN supporting him
``we all r selfish``


AANAji don`t require any support, ****** WHAT HE THINKS, THAT IS RAINBOW for every Indian FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER ****** actually we ALL requires
AANAji type of ````ENGINE```` every time every where.
*Because deeeeeeen heeeeeeen naaaaaakaaraaa hoooo chuke hain haaam subh IIIINNNDDDIIIAAANNNSSS*


AANAji don`t require any support, ****** WHAT HE THINKS, THAT IS RAINBOW for every Indian FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER ****** actually we ALL requires
AANAji type of ````ENGINE```` every time every where.
*Because deeeeeeen heeeeeeen naaaaaakaaraaa hoooo chuke hain haaam subh IIIINNNDDDIIIAAANNNSSS*

dr.bogavalli said...

" POWER IN PEOPLE is more powerfull than PEOPLE IN POWER"

This is the high time to prove this quote

krantikari said...

Anna ham apkesath hain
date rahiye
lokpal ham lake rahenge

tripti said...

hey smarty ;
i feel very glad that there are still some youths who really want to abort corruotion so keep it up we all are with you
jay hind jay bharat!!!


krantikari said...

dear it is our duty and our responsibity.
we are the person who can make a corruption free society so.............................

Anonymous said...

nothing is going to change...sorry to say one day will come soon when upcoming generation would say "corrupted country in the world? ......Ohhh its India" as being a good writer people used to write on corruption but no one comes forward to fight...there are very few peoples like Anna Hajare...India is known for unity in diversity, do you think we are united together,in todays date?......

Anonymous said...


Payal majmudar said...

Hi anu......
Ur slogans r vry catchy.. And v r proud to have people like you to think of corrupt free india..... If all of us vl join hands v cn surely free india from corruption........

Anonymous said...

the quotes and slogans were good it helped me in my project

thnxxx a lot

sony said...

hey it was nice seeing ur thoughts on corruption!!!!!

can i get more of this......

thanking you....

Anonymous said...

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sk.vidur said...

Hi Anu
hey it was nice..
amazing lines ....
i like to put few of ur slogans to my independence day card
thanks alot

sk.vidur said...
this link u r slogans entered

Rajasekhara Reddy Dukka said...


Anonymous said...

Hello dear Anupama ji,

You have written so super on corruption. and I want to know you that a big begining " Surooaat " has been in process from Delhi as an Aam Aadmi Party " AAP " by an Aam Aadmi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. Hope you will also appericiate this step of an Aam Aadmi.