Thursday, August 27, 2009


TO REST FOREVER..............

27th august,2009

6 p.m

Dear Friends,

good evening!these days it's raining daily.but the enchanting sight from my balcony is amazing.the raindrops are falling straight into the sea.the lights from the ships form rainbows in the water.the illumiated ships look like the palaces beautifully decorated!a real feast to the eyes!morning one of my friends sent me a wonderful mail of the nests of weaver birds.the pictures are simply took me back to my childhood spent in my achan's house.there in the courtyard we had a bilva tree.on the bilva tree,there was a beautiful long nest of weaver birds.the small birds attracted me so much that most of my free time was spent watching them.sitting on the nest,the cute birds were swaying in the breeze.still i can see the nest,the birds and the bilva tree. i used to wonder the way the birds collected the raw matreials,the fibres,the small waste materials,the small thin paper bits etc. what a struggle but so enthusaistic!

o,i just thought of writing a new post on a nest that is being built., for me.:)

Listen,my dear friends,

one pair of deep eyes,search for me always,

without my knowledge ,without my permission.

the love was deeply hidden,in the shining eyes.

why didn't i ever look into those eyes?

i lay in darkness thinking it a dream,

you came n i woke up from my deep sleep.

you looked straight into my eyes,

and your eyes did the magic my dear,

and by your soft touch you made me feel,

the whole body bloom in love.

night and day in my heart have i heard,

the soft melodies played by the flute.

the spring has woken from its dream,

the new buds are blooming in the garden,

the soul awakes,the waters stir;

the earth shudders n quakes,

but why should i fear?

when the nest is being built?

someone somewhere is weaving a beautiful nest

a nest is being built with love,care n trust.

it was being built since days n months,

and i was unaware of that tedious work.

when i was wandering here n there,

without knowing the destination,

struggling to reach the heights ,

brought only severe pain to the heart,

losing feathers in the plight,

i kept on flying till the wings are tired,

hoping to see a nest among the flowering trees,

then unexpectedly one fine day,

on a champak tree i found,

the most beautiful nest in my life!

i was tired,thirsty n hungry,

and i just needed the special feelings,

like a slender heart longed for!

and here when a warm welcome is awaiting,

with the blossoming flowers n nectar of love.

the smile is warm and the feelings are true,

just don't speak,lay on my lap,

i will hug you n smile at you.

and here,i stay as it's made for me!:)

a nest,to rest forever!

it's raining heavily and a good night's sleep will be really wonderful.

it's anu signing off........................

i'm so happy,my 99th post is published on this special day of 99th birth anniversary of the
Mother of the Poor,Mother Teresa.she is one of the greatest personalities who has inspired n
influenced me a lot.
anu loves all.still idols of Lord Ganesh are being taken for immersion.devotees are bursting crackers.the music is played loudly.

ONAM is getting's celebration time,folks.HAPPY ONAM!many of my friends are leaving for onam to God's Own Country!

the dedication is to the wonderful heart,filled with love in its most beautiful way....................:)the distance doesn't matter.but the post is signed with the heartbeats that are faster now.........

wishing you good luck to find a nest of your own woven by love n trust,



Monday, August 24, 2009


10 a.m

Dear Friends,

Yesterday it was raining the whole many places,the idols of Lord Ganesha was immersed yesterday night after pooja and our flat overlooks into the sea till late night we could watch the procession of devotees singing bhajans and heading towards the sea for immersion of the idols. i felt nice.
as you all know i was on medical leave as i decided to feel the monsoon magic,relaxing at home forgetting the stressful days at office.away from work n colleagues back into my own dreamworld!that was really a nice break from the hectic schedule.
i was under special diet with no to oily stuff,rice and fried items.complete rest was instructed.
my maid Mumtaz comes in the evenings as she works in five houses.she is a beautiful n slim lady who is very can't believe she is the mother of six children.she belongs to karnataka.she was married at the age of eleven.she looks young. mumtaz comes to my house with folded hands and a cheerful namaste. then she prays to our God.she has always a sweet smile on her face.the first day i was surprised to see a helper greeting me with a namaste.Mumtaz is so kind enough sending me away from kitchen to take rest.she tells,
''Didi,aap aaram keejiye.sab kuch mein karoongi''.
i give her the usual instructions,not to use oil in chappati n to cook the vegetables without water only in the steam.[the normal healthy ways of cooking].
she listens and starts her work.''Didi,mujhe sab pata hei.aap jayeeye.''our mein chali andhar.
i used to feel happy;here is someone who doesn't expect any help from me.fine.
after finsihing all the work within two hours,having her tea,mumtaz comes again with folded hands to say 'namaste'.she bows to God and she religious she is and iam happy with her ways.we should not undrestimate anyone.
at night i go to kitchen to warm up the food.i am shocked to find out that the chappatis are full of oil and the sabji is cooked only in mumtaz,so, obedient you are,not a drop of water is used:)and the real tears start flowing from my eyes at dinner time as the the subji is so pungent.shall i starve?noway!just take two three small plaintains and gulp it fast!
those who have read my earlier post,Getting into shape will be aware of my plight in reducing atleast one kilo per month.:)Sree Vidya n Usha Uthupu are my role models.i just love their personality!the beauty,the grace,the cheer,the enthusiasm everything inspire me!
now i just don't know whether Mumtaz is my foe or friend.:)whatever weight iam struggling to shed off,so kindly she will help me to gain within a day!soon after the monsoon magic the most frightening question i was asked,''anu how much have you reduced now?''i wonder!i struggle to convince no magic can be done within one month!it will take time n along with special diet,i have to do my workouts too!
''anu,hope you can resist the sweets and specailly the temple payasam.''[i can't resist temple payasam,dearies.:)
''anu,don't over eat''.[no,that i was particular.but once i started working all the taste buds tempt me a lot].
''anu,you should not suffer i,please take care''.[yeah,i will].
''anu,read this sunday suppelment of manorama news paper.see,if there is a will,there is a way.these people have reduced their weight from 140 kg to 70kg.[i must agree,really inspiring stories.''but i never landed up the danger zone,na.] ''anu did you check your weight''.''not yet,i will do it''.[but i must feel that i have reduced atleast three kilos,na?:)]

nanda has bought fat free tablets for me and to be true i haven't opened it till promises the reduction of excess fat but right now i will wait with special diet that includes sukha chappati and boiled vegetables and salads.
but hello,someone out there,tell mumtaz not to close the ways to a slim figure as now i have a will![who knows how long will i have this strong wish to gain an attractive figure]:)
i will be really angry waiting for Mumtaz to come the next day and pour out my anger on her.but the moment i see her with folded hands and a magicNamaste,i swallow the words and don't like to create tension. she is my helper and right now i need someone very badly.:)
so,keeping my cool,i tell her what i am not supposed to have and please be careful.this time i don't take a chance.i hide the oil bottle and chilli powder.i tell her to use green chillies.i can't scold her,that is my problem.:) so,hide n seek i sgoing on as she still loves to cook vegetables in oil.
in the end two things can happen.either she will leave me and go after taking the salary[as she can't cook the food according to her wish now] or my weight will be reduced. [as i have to start cooking now].
she drives me mad often.when i need her the most,the same day she will be absent to meet her urgent needs.the very day kishen reached for a short break,mumtaz was on leave.:)who is she?my friend or foe?
but mumtaz,you know i like you and i look forward to the give me company and these days i've staretd supervising her,without her knowledge.hey,folks,but i must appreciate,she is very honest and honesty is the best policy.she teaches me by keeping silence,giving a sweet smile n magic namaste, we can win anyone's heart!:)
and i showed this post to Mumtaz and she was so excited to know i have written about her.

it's anu signing off............

it staretd!i am enjoying the rain.this is my first post that is written from my office.i am alone right now and before my friends come to have the tiffin with me,i want to publish it.

tomorrow is my Kunjettan's birthday[vishakaham star].kunjettan's and madhav's birthdays fall during onam season.Happy Birthday,Kunjettan.May God Bless You To Have Many More.
nanda is busy making all the favourite dishes of maza now and we are in touch by chats.amma is fine.
friends,in my earlier post,Getting Into Shape,Deliberately Thoughtless had recommended Lavana Thailam.after that many queries had come to both of us asking for the effects.For God's sake,let us make clear that we are not the agents for it and not yet used it..the ads come in the magazines and try it out at your own risk!i was shocked to know that when you type Lavana Thailam in google search you can land up in anupama's blog too!:) My God!

today sreejith came to meet me in office;a young smart handsome guy.only after his self introduction i realised that he is shailesh's elder brother who has come back here on transfer. shailesh was my client years before and he is in calicut now.when sreejit got transfer back to this state,his only request was that he must meet me.:)shailesh,i didn't know i had left an imprint in your mind which is so deep and i'm sure i will get a call from could make my day!hey,so i live in someone's good memories!:)

have a wonderful day ahead!anu loves you all. HAPPY ONAM TO ALL OF YOU!missing the wonderful pookalams that decorate the courtyards of the houses of kerala.
today's dedication is a beautiful song from Puthiya is dedicated to my best friend who reminds me patience pays and love is soft and steady n it exists for ever.:)
let a pookalam be spread in your mind while enjoying the video......................... celebrate each moment of onam days.

Saturday, August 22, 2009





Dear Friends,

Vakratunda Mahakaya,


Nirvighnam kuru me deva,

Sarva-karyeshu sarvada.


Seeking blessings of Lord Ganesha to remove all the obstacles of life,i'm so happy to write this new post. Ganesh or Gajanan the elephant God of wisdom and wealth is the second son of Shiva and Parvathi.HE is worshipped at the beginning of every ritual or ceremony,offered to any Hindu God,as they belive HE is the fulfiller of all desires,the bestower of wealth n wisdom,the remover of obstacles and the grantor of success.Ganesh is the most popular and most loved household deity in India who is prayed to for everything.

Ganesh Chaturthi is considered the most enchanting of all festivals celebrated by the
hindus, is like our ONAM festival.all the relatives across the globe have a get together for the celebrations.students are getting ten days' holidays.apart from meeting family members who otherwise live in different parts of the world,the youngsters famililiarize themselves with the familytree.the unique family traditions and and customs are passed on to the new
generations.everyone lives in harmony and everyone participates in the festivities right from teh installation to the immersion ceremony.i simply love any occasion when when family's tome to learn or traditions n's awesome to go back to our roots through festivals.

there is a frenzy of activity going on among the youngsters in the villages;they forage for wild fruits,vegetables and flowers taht will adorn the matoli[pandal where Lord Ganesh will be installed].the director of arts and culture has staretd a competition for the most traditional matoli.this reminds me of our VISHU.the way we decorate our KANNAN,for Ganesh Chaturthi,devotees decorate Lord Ganesh with all kinds of fruits,vegetables flowers!

the farming communities worship Lord Ganesha as asymbol of gratitude to the earth.this is because of his parents,Parvathi symbolises the hills.during the monsoon,silt from the hills settles to make the soil fertile.

similarly farmers tie the ears of paddy to their homes' entrance or to the matoli .this is like the's a custom that's come down from the time when paddy fields were destroyed by wild elephants n rats.the worship of Lord Ganesha n his mount,the rat,is believed to garner

the matoli celebrates nature.thepandal is made of rare wild flowers ,fruits,roots,shoots and leaves found mostly in forested areas.

devotees will install Lord Ganesha at Ayyappa Temple today evening.all over the state one can see various matolis beautifully decorated.

thanks to amritha channel for showing us Malliyoor Ganesh Temple,'s nice to see n know about the different temples in our country.surya also has aprogramme called Keshtrayanam.what a blessing to have darshan of Malliyoor Bhagavata Hamsam thirumeni!how dinive he looks in this old age!

today is ATHAM. we start decoarting our courtyards with beautiful's the time of celebratons!children are fully enthusiastic collecting the various flowers and making beautiful
pookalams.competitions are held and all are in high spirits.we go back to nature n start searching the leaves n little star n her friends put the huge pookalam at Kala Accademy for the function held for Keralotsav in the yesteryears.she is an expert with designs and enjoys doing even the bit of work she does.this is giving the whole self and enjoy each moment of life!

it's anu signing off..................

being sunday we can enjoy the live atham chamayam at tripunithara on tv.enjoy n relax!we had boiled banana,chips n papad for breakfast with pittu!this is the way we can feel the onam season!:)

o,yeah,i must tell you!i was always eager to get awards for my blogs n venky my blogger friend has given me three awards at a go!wow!he strongly believes i deserve them.thanks,dear,thanks a lot.the pleasant surprises that bring a smile in our lives which are very rare.
and today is kishen's dance performance at night.dearest,we are proud of you!:)'The Special Look';it's jazz,folks!when my little star n maza enjoy classical dance,kishen loves western!:)
and you know,sunday evenings,the much awaited call from maza comes and now nanda is with her.i was given a hearty welcome in the office after the long break of one friends made me feel happy n comfortable.i really enjoyed n relaxed in their company.
enjoy n celebrate!it's festival time.anu loves you all..........thanks a lot for the special care n love to see that anu won't talk about tears!:)
the song dedication is for all Ganesh devotees...........



Thursday, August 20, 2009




7 a.m

Dear Friends,
Good Morning.........a fresh n cool morning.the sea is calm.the sky is is the last day to laze around,do things the way i want as tomorrow i will be joining's since long i've forgotten my office,official work,away from stress n be frank,feeling so lazy to go back to work;but now,there is no other way.:)just to check our calendar to see when is the next holiday.
Today is muppettu velliyazhcha[friday],teh first friday of chinga masam,a very auspicious day for DEVI.devotees go to DEVI temples and chant Lalitha Sahasranamam.
there was late night call from maza;it was her wedding anniversary and just her sweet voice brought back my cheer n mood and just a talk freely on anyone n anything,expressing the true feelings!she is the one who knows my moods,my feelings even in silence!:)thanks dear,you always reach me on time!
i'm a member of so many web sites from motivational stories to simple i want to share a story of my 2007 collections.i narrate stories in my inspirational talks and they really enrich my speeches.hope you will like it.i must tell you,people of any age enjoy stories.
my people n friends ask me to write short posts n here is it for them!:)


The young man was at the end of his rope.seeing no way out,he dropped to his knees in prayer.''Lord, I can't go on,'' he said.''I have too heavy a cross to bear''.The Lord replied,''My son,if you can't bear its weight,just place your cross inside this room.Then,open that door and pick out any cross you wish''.''The man was filled with relief.''Thank you Lord'',he sighed and he did as he was told.Upon entering the other door,he saw many crosses,some so large the tops were not visible.Then he spotted a tiny cross learning against a far wall.''I'd like that one,Lord'',he whispered.And the Lord replied,''My son,that is the cross you just brought in''.

When life's problems seem overwhelming,it helps to look around and see what other people are coping with.You may consider yourself far more fortunate than you imagined.we all have to carry crosses in our lives and believe me,God sees to that we can carry the weight with sincere prayers.
A true friend is of great help in carrying the cross in our lives.i'm gifted with the best frienships in the world hope you too are.:)be careful while choosing friends;take time to recognise the honesty in friendship.
Dear Friends,

''Let us mark each day by giving,

Just a bit of cheer,

Just a bit of joyous living

Words and deeds sincere.

Let us mark each day by bearing

Troubles with a smile

F inding in our happy sharing,

L ife is well worthwhile.''

nanda is flying again today from the middle east,to the wonderful city,naturally gifted that is situated by Hudson river.she enjoyed two days' stay with ettan n fly.jeevz will be reaching amma today morning.

happy wedding anniversary greetings to madhav n parvtahy,maza n rajaneesh,sandhya n neeraj n saritha n madhu.Many more years to come by God's grace. let love rule your life!

it's anu signing off...................

Atham is on sunday,23rd,august.children will be getting ready to put pookalam in the courtyard,plucking flowers from the hills, the valleys,the!we used to collect flowers in the leaves or in poovatty hanging in our neck[it is a small basket to collect flowers].ONAM celebrations have started.nice to see the preparations n shopping on the television screen.this is the time i miss my trichur!just to go for window shoppings in the numerous new stalls n for evening walks enjoying the crowd in thekkinkadu round.


anu loves you all.wishing you a wonderful day...................



Tuesday, August 18, 2009



19th august,2009

Dear Friends,

A pleasant n cool morning to all of you!the fresh air n the chirping of birds!many more new flowers have bloomed in the garden!the atmosphere reminds me of the onam festival that comes nearer.i fed the kittens,sparrows,crows n pigeons!the two kittens are so cute,jumping up down on the back staircase,hiding under the washing machine n playing all sorts of pranks!often the cat n kittens drive me crazy.they will have chappati,bread or rice soaked in curds or milk.or the food will be remained untouched!sparrows n pigeons are happy with grains.crows prefer chappati pieces.if the food is served late,the cat pushes and make sounds at the back door.
i was just i have my preferences?no,not all.i don't have any choices to mention......i adjust with everything.:)
morning when i was browsing through my book shelf,i got this book in my hand-oru sadhakante sancharam-the autobiography of a russian pilgrim.inside on the first page it is beautifully written-first prizein malayalam short story;awarded to anupama menon;first D.C
i was so thrilled.i remembered zoology lab of little flower college for women,where the
competition was held.iam so happy and decided to write this,the whole day i will be thinking of my college days,my performance as the Arts Club secretary,my film society activities,the dignitaries whom i had invited as the chief guests n how my life took the turning point when i was doing my second year economics.:)oh,yeah,i will cherish the comments the romeos passed on the way back home in the evening.:)

when the sky is cloudy,
when the thunder n lightning scare me a lot,
when the tides rise high in the sea,
when the wind blows wild through the trees,
when the pitch darkness spreads,
please hold my hand softly........
and walk beside me.
when i mess up life,
and i do that very often,u know,
when i stand still at the crossroads,
without knowing which direction to move,
getting confused about the future,
please hold my hand softly..........
and walk beside me.
when i get frozen by fear of failure,
in my connections n relations,
when i lose my temper for silly reasons,
when i feel depressed,n broke,
please hold my hand softly,
and walk beside me.
when someone i love make choices,
that i can never understnad,
then confusion,anger n hurt,
to prevent me from seeing the truth,
please hold my hand softly,
and walk beside me.
when the veil to truth in life is removed,
when i get shocked of the realities,
when the tears roll down my cheeks,
when the love fails by all means
when my mind goes blank,
the thought of leaving your love ,
gives me a nervous break down,
please hold my hand ,
and walk beside me.
when i really wish,my dear,
the pain n frustration to disappear,
and want the cocoon of gentleness to surround me,
without saying any word,
but giving me the mental strength, i need,
please hold my hand,
and walk beside me.
teach me how to forgive,
and it has the magic of healing hurts.
i just can't do it very easily,
but i should not postpone it too;
sometimes it is right to stay,
and sometimes it is right to leave.
when i don't know what should i do,
please hold my hand,
and walk beside me.
i wish you really tell me,
to never end any connections,
on the spur of a moment,
and i must give second thoughts to it;
when the river of love runs through our lives,
changing everything it touches,
teach me not to drown in it.
often we have lost to the river,
making n breaking promises,
and with them our hearts too.
and now my special friend,
when you started walking with me,
i realise the world is so beautiful,
but my life is too short!:)
so,friends,beware of the promises you not make ones you may not keep.try to be honest in your give one person the power to be your whole world,it's frightening.........i'm disturbed.nanda is in flight now and will be reaching the beautiful city of desert by noon.nanda,my dearest,BON VOYAGE.........we will miss you a lot..............the loooong, small,sweet and simple talks,the chats,the updates of happenings....................i talked to amma just now.amma is fine .so ,happy amma liked my school memories. of last post.:)amma's regards to all my friends.amma knows you all.
kishen was asking whether i 've extended my leave to write posts.:)no,dearest.
it's anu signing off....................
thanks a lot to you,dear, to be the cause of writing this post.
onam season has's celebration time,folks.HAPPY ONAM!hey,the shopping is really rocking!enjoy.i long to be in trichur now,with amma.
today's dedication is one of my favourite melodies to match my mood...........
Aaro....... viral meeti.....................manassin manveenayil..............from Pranaya varnagal
it is dedicated to my best friend who holds my hand..........:)
have a wonderful day..............anu loves you all.



Monday, August 17, 2009




Dear Friends,

Good evening.Happy New month chingam begins today.Muppettu Thinklazhcha.most of the ladies are wearing kerala sarees and girls pattu pavada n blouse.i extented my leave so i could not tell others to wear the kerala saree.everyone here enjoys, so many of us wearing the traditional kerala dress,putting chandanakuri on forhead, wearing jasmine flowers and attending the duty!wow!really beautiful!hey, a mini kerala outside our state!and i was so happy to have the view of Guruvayoor Temple on the television screen.i get excited to have the glimpses of devotees having darshan in different temples.the best way to begin the first day of the new year!tehy are so lucky!
i relaxed on the weekend writing a new post n i'm happy, it is received very well.maza's long phone call and kishen's short talk made my day!i got recharged for the forthcoming week!
here, special I-Day celebrations were there by parties n dances. people live their life truly in the weekends,by attending the parties,dancs and music with soft n hot drinks.
the air is cool and it's going to rain.iam waiting for the wind to whip through my hair and the droplets of rain pelt on my face.late evening i will go to the balcony and the captivating scene awaits me in the sea with the reflections of coloured lights from the ships.
today i was thinking about my school days of little flower convent girls' high was there i started watching the caterpillar on the leaves of plants.then the beautiful butterflies emerged.from the ugly caterpillar to the most beautiful creations!wonderful!i used to spend time near those plants,counting the days how long they take to come out !
some of my friends were asha latha,girija,fathima,annie,kumari and cousin latha was also in my class.geetha was in another section.she is also my cousin.daisy was a good dancer.she stayed in the hostel.i had special liking for fathima.she was so innocent and she had the smell of athar.
there was an Ashoka tree[Shimshipa tree under which Sita Devi sat in Lanka] near the gate and we played under it during games the evenings girls stood in groups under it waiting for

their bus.a church was in the campus and we used to kneel down n pray.

i love my school days when i had nothing to bother about,the most beautiful period in my life.the competition spirit was always there right from childhood.i wanted to excel in the fields of curricular and co-curricular activities held in and outside school.being always the class leader many were my friends.and i enjoyed my band set performance!most of my teachers were nuns.they were very strict but loving.nanda was in the same school.she was called the doll[pavakutty].she was so cute even then.i had special liking for all the three languages,participated in essay,elocution and recitation competitions and won laurels for favourite teacher was my malayalam teacher,a nun.her classes were really interesting and i took special care to do my malayalam paper well.the teenage,the changes in the personality,the pranks we played were unforgettable!for the mother superior's feast[birthday]nanda and me did a classical number together.all the way from palghat one dance master used to come to our house to stay and teach us the dance!and the most beautiful dance was the muslim dance of oppana style!:)we were five cousins in our house to learn the dance.

i had the will to win n achieve.i became the favourite of my classmates and summer,we had lots of jasmine flowers in our ancestoral home.the cute buds which spread fragrance were collected the previous evening and we did the strands.the beautiful jasmine garlands were the most precius gift i could offer someone.and one day i took it carefully and gave it to my malayalam sister[nun].we addressed the nuns as , was during one of the special class day in summer.and My God that was the big issue that day in the convent.a nun accepting a gift of jasmine garland from a 10th std student!the peaceful atmosphere went upside down!i was so upset the next day when i got the news from other teachers[many of them liked me].i was made feel guilty!i was told,i should not have done that!but noone told me why.

i was embarassed to face the headmistress and my favourite sister.i was terribly much of water flowed in Bharata puzha.but i still remember, the school girl who was questioned mercilessely by many for doing such a thing!still she doesn't know what was wrong in that.she was confused deciding the don'ts and do's.
later i had met the sister many times but we never discussed this matter.yes,she is still my beloved teacher who wrote a story and poem on me!she used to encourage me a lot!just for i took second group for pre degree,but changed to economics later for degree course.
i must be frank enough,to admit the scar is still deep and at times i still wonder why?can you tell me?then i never gave the jasmine to anyone.but they are still my favourite flowers.:)
it started raining and i will rush to the balcony now...............when i phoned today,amma told me she misses me a lot.amma hardly expresses her feelings and i felt so nice to know how much i am loved.amma,i love you,a lot and i too miss u.nanda is leaving on 19th.she is too busy with shopping n packing.i hardly get her on phone.

it's anu signing off.................................

all the best wishes once again for the prosperous onam season..........................hearty congrats to ratheesh,my blogger friend who is a wonderful reader,for getting engaged.:)he updates me with the best of the books published.and now ratheesh and preethi are in their own beautiful dream w orld;the most wonderful n beautiful phase in one's life!:)celebrate n enjoy!

and today's dedication is the most popular song of the time,from RITHU,a SHYAMA PRASAD,woman n dance n romance the perfect ambience to spread the feelings of soft love in this state!and the song is dedicated to the one who loves it the most!:)i'm sure,you will sleep dreaming the most beautiful dream,tonight.

anu loves you all.



Saturday, August 15, 2009





A lovely morning to was raining yesterday night.the cool breeze was flowing from the sea.the weather was nice.after a short stay,kishen went back.i was feeling lonely.anoop's article in vanitha about his close friend who left him for ever to the Divine hands was so touching.after reading that i was happens.A few come to our life with all happiness spreading cheer n enthusisasm,they leave us in agony and depression after a short stay with us.Dipti was like a sister to times real life experiences are unbelievable than stories.
Certain relations can't be defined;we just can't any name to it. anup has described about such a wonderful person who touched his heart so deeply.i felt so emotional.
What makes us happy?anything,any time!seeing a flower bloom,a bee sparkling in the sunlight,shaking someone's warm hand with friendly satisfaction,feeling the lover's hair,lying down a nap on mother's lap,a kid's cute smile,a long awaited phone call or an email,an enthusiastic chat session,the enchanting smiling face,all these make us happy. :D
Today,16th.august is the last day of karkadakam and the grand Ganesh Homam and Ashta Dala Padma ppoja will come to an end at Ayyappa Temple.Nira Puthiri is also celebrated today.the first grains from the field will be brought and pooja will be done.and My God!you must have the payasam-the palpayasam-made with this delicious!i still remember the rituals of Nira Puthiri that were held in my ancestoral home.before the paddy grains were harvested,the courtyard at eastern side was cleaned and cowdung paste was smeared and it was decorated with rice flour liquid and plaintain leaves would have been kept ready.lamp will be lighted to welcome the richness n prosperity.the prayers are done for a bright future filled with prosperity and is the symbol of respecting the farmers and agriculture n the hard work they put in.

i had a mail,a real long mail from Akhil,my old friend who is far away.he had come to my life seeking solutions for a crucial problem.he has found his girl after a long wait and through out the mail suparna was portrayed well.he has written he is going to talk to someon like me who really knows what is going on in his life.and yes,we do update the happenings in chat sessions and by phone calls and sms.he is a rare friend who is a real blessing.
Suparna came into his life as a wrong number.akhil,while trying for his friend,he had misdialled the no.a sweet female voice answered him,he had got the wrong number.mystified he dialled the same number.he kept on trying till he could talk to her.and he hardly used to reach wrong numbers.once again the phone went dead.the story thus began and i was well updated. as akhil doesn't have objection i sharing his mail in my post,let me do the same. and i'm sure it will touch your hearts.

dear anu,

i can't tell you how happy i'm now,
i never knew i can love someone so deeply,
and i feel the love is so tender and reassuring,
suparna,my soulmate taught me these.
looking at her eyes,i know how they sparkle,
i see the reflection my innerself,
she is fair and tall with long black hair,
i'm really careful and give her enough time,
as i know we must first find time for loving.
and anu,i must tell you the difference i feel,
there is a powerful healing energy that emerges from love .
the time spent together is only our own time.
if i have to choose someone to tie the knot
i must tell you,anu,she is suparna.
i 've never felt so close like this to any other girl,
things are so different now;
being with her i feel so safe n secure,
i forget myself and we live in a dreamworld.
i hope anu,you can understand me .
her absence makes my heart grow fonder;
and her presence makes me stimulated,
suparna is the most wonderful girl in my life.
with whom i am madly in love with.
i feel the connection is more important,
than the pride of being right,
so i don't hesitate to tell sorry n to admit a mistake,
but i reach her for again.
i realise,when i marry someone,
i marry everything she brings from childhood,
so,i'm trying to get an insight to her likes and dislikes.
amazingly we do communicate pretty well.
now our beach side walks are longer,
and when i hold her hand and walk ,
at times,feeling her fair soft skin on the waist,
enjoying the cool soothing air from the sea,
and the strand kissing my cheeks,
i forget the world and just want to be alone with her.
anu,this is the true love,the magic i missed in my life.
i have just started to live my life.
here is suparna with me,always,
she has a mesmerising smile on her lips,
and it pierces straight into my heart.
like a spot of late summer colour in an autumn field.
we feel the joy now,beyond words can express;
that comes only from loving and being loved.
and suparna is my right number,forever.
we feel lucky to have each other in life,
looking forward to the most beautiful moments of life;
we have started dreaming high,
and we're sure,our dreams will come true.
we need your prayers n blessings.
anu,it takes a great soul to be a true friend.
one must forget much,forgive much n forbear much;
and i'm so happy you are my sincere friend.:)

akhil,i'm really happy for you and i'm sure suparna will be the light of your life!:) you will be always in my prayers n thoughts and i'm eagerly waiting for u to tie the knot.

it's a beautiful morning...............the leaves are moist.the roads are wet.the sea is ships have been anchored in the sparrows are happier and new baby sparrows are the added members.and thier sms is ,''today you may have real patience.........''hey,by the way,any wrong numbers that turned into the right no?
it's anu signing off.....................
nanda has staretd packing her bags for a long break.iam upset as amma will be very lonely in her absence.nanda is first flying to the middle east and then to the beautiful city by the side of Hudson River.iam away, thousands of miles away,and iam helpless.Amma has to be mentally strong now.the whole house is full of nanda's cheer n laughter which amma will miss alot.
wishing all of you a bright n beautiful sunday............................
today's song is for all of u.............''Kalabham tharam.............................''
hey,folks,chingam begins from tomorrow and on this auspicious occasion,i wish you AVERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!it's celebration time once again.......................
anu loves you all.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I AM A PROUD INDIAN...........

15th august,2009


Dear Friends,

Good wishes for a Happy Independence Day...........children must be getting ready to go to school for flag more glorious day we could attend with holding our heads high.the beautiful morning reminds me the sacrifices done by the various leaders for winning freedom for our country.i salute you,the great national leaders and the lakhs of common men who valued the mother land more than their is a day to remember our duties as true indians while enjoying the freedom which is gifted to us.while shouting for the rights that we should get,we must perform our duties for the betterment of our countries.

the life history of Mahatma Gandhi,Nehruji,Subhash Chandra Bose were a few books which inspired me in childhood and they still do.with the same anxiety and enthusiasm i read line by line.they helped me a lot to understand the meaning of freedom.let us live and let others live peacefully.let it be the basic principle of life.without knowing our culture and values we can't instil the right values in our lives.

Great personalities of the freedom struggle,

And the lay men who felt the pulse of our country,

We thank you for the freedom you've gifted us

I't's our duty to safe gurad it now.

We salute you on this grand day of freedom,

Happy are we for the rights we enjoy;

Each n every day we listen to the stories;

And the various battles you had participated;

We are proud of our Mother Land,

It's ancient culture and religions,

We assure you,Bharat Mata,

United we will stand and we won't get divided;

Thanks for teaching us,Mother;

Human being is more important;

Irrespective of caste,creed and religion,

The colour of blood is always red,

And all Indians are my brothers and sisters.

In this land of Himalayas and the holi rivers,

The fame of the country is known for peace ;

where the most spiritual leaders have born;

the whole country is blessesd with natural beauty;

I feel the greatness of a proud Indian;


dear friends,

on this auspicious day of Independence Day,before we take the pledge again,let's narrate the stories of the great leaders,their struggles and the value of freedom to the young generation..........

It's anu signing off.....................

Sare jahan se acha,Hindustan Hamara............................

this is well realised my pravasi friends.

saluting the beautiful national flag,wishing you a wonderful day to enjoy and to be in high spirits,



Thursday, August 13, 2009



13th night,august,2009

Dear Friends,

good evening...once again we are blessed with rains.the atmosphere is cool.i'm really feeling nice.The festival of Gokulashtami, also known as Janmashtami is celebrated with religious fervour,gaiety and enthusiasm on Thursday and Friday-13th and 14th august.Janmashtami is one of the most important festivals of hindus and it falls on the eighth day of [Ashtami tithi] of the dark [krishna Paksha]of the Shravan north india it is Janmashtami,in south india it is Krishnashtami,in Maharashtra as Dahi Handi and the land of sand and beaches as Gokulashtami.
My blog template of Yeshoda Ma and Kannan is the most auspicious image that gives me a soothing and cheerful feeling.many of my friends have appreciated the template.Ambadi Kannan graces the writing skill.
Any festival connected with Kannan makes me excited and whole heartedly i join the celebrations.our childhood was rich with the basic lessons of our culture and the bed time stories of Kannan.the stories filled our minds with ecstacy.each and every story is engraved in our minds for ever. the visits to Guruvayoor temple rebuilt the strong belief in Kannan.each time crying our heart out we pray to Kannan.mind becomes peaceful and light.the experiences are beyond explanations.

When again Janmashtami celebrations are all over the country,
When the night is dark and the sky is cloudy
I feel lonely and long to be with you,Kannan.
I want to be Yeshoda,Devaki n Kurooramma,
I want to run after the naughty Kannan,
And to chase and reach my little Kanha,
To fondle and cuddle and pamper my little one,
To bathe him and feed him with butter,
To kiss on his butter smelling lips,
I want to hold my Kannan to my bosom,
And to sing the melodious lullabies,
Putting him to sleep with a smile.
Where is that beautiful world,my dear,
Is it only a dream world for ever?
You know,Kannan,i had come to u in tears,
I wanted to ask you the question,
It never came out,but got choked in my throat,
Till often it comes from the depth of my heart,
I wash it away with my silent tears.
Even today when we are rejoicing and praying,
You know Kannan ,how restless i'm;
To have that peacock feather from you,
Since childhood i had always dreamt;
My beloved,my soulmate and my little one,
I don't know in which form i adore you the most!
All of us,my parents ,my little star,kishen,nanda n maza,
All my siblings and their family members,
Seeking your blessings always for a peaceful future,
Kannan,i surrender and nothing else can i do.
Being grateful for all the blessings,
That you have showered so generously.
Still,why Kanna,why things happened this way?
Why certain questions are unanswerable?
My Lord,you know,we should be humble;
And we should be close to you;
Touching my head at your lotus feet,My Lord,

Let me do pranam to you!

Vishnu took various incarnations to protect the mortal world from his eighth incarnation he was born as the son of Vasudeva and Devaki.Gokulashtami celebrates the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna,whp was born to to bring an end to the rule of his maternal uncle Kamsa.Rituals call for a fast on the day before [Saptami thithi] followed by a noght long vigil to commemorate teh birth of Krisna at midnight and his immediate removal by hi sfather Vasudeva to aoster home for safe midnight the deity of infant Krishna is bathed,placed in a cradle and worshipped.the twenty four fast is then broken after offerning prayers and Naivedya[prasadam] to Kannan.Dahi pohe is the favourite dish and therefore still it is offered.
Kirtan performances are held in temples,bells are rung,conches are blown and the whole atmosphere is full of gaiety and happiness.a pot of clay is filled with curds and positioned at a height.people form human pyramids to reach the pot.the objective is to break the pot of curds.this symbolises achievement through unity.the youth who participte in the dahi handi are called govindas.they forget everything and get cheered by the crowd.
Krishna Krishna Mukunda Janardana...........,
Krishna GovondaNarayana Hare........................

Friends,when it is just minutes to go before midnight,i remind you,prayer gives strength to our minds.take time to pray in the morning and in the twilight when the lamp is lighted,let us chant,''deepam'' loudly and be busy with the sandhya vandanam.
i'm happy to say,because of the pious atmosphere we have been brought up,we are strongly religious and iam very proud of that.and without Kanna's love and blessings our lives will be a total zero.thanks a lot my dearest parents for instilling the love and devotion in our minds towards Kannan.
it's anu signing off..........anu loves you all.

most of amma's poems are based on the love for KRISHNA.we have a cute white krishna with us,bought from guruvayoor.we keep this smiling Kanha for vishu kani.statues of krishnas are the morning kani,in achan's house and in our house.for achan it was a must. achan always wanted to open his eyes to the photo of LORD GURUVAYORAPPAN.Amma does the same and we follow.

thanks a a lot to my blogger guru for encouraging me to write a post on Janmashtami and as usual to my dear friend for all moral support.i remember surya,my blogger friend who has written thousands of poem on Krishnan.hats off to you,surya.really wonderful poems,well written.
wishing you the best and happy moments forever with the blessings of Ambadi Kannan,and be in high spirits,it is Kanna's birthday........................



Sunday, August 9, 2009



10th august,2009


Dear Friends,

Good morning.

Another week starts and just a few more days for me to the week end i will be joining for duty after a long break and i'm preparing myself to get adjusted to the hectic schedule.the very thought,'back to work' makes me sick.iam so used to laze around these days with my time spending in balcony,enjoying my morning tea,looking at the boats n ships sailing in the sea,observing the life style of people staying in the small houses on the other side of the road,the activities of the fisherfolk,the way they shout in a language alien to me,the sparrows chirping and conveying so many messages and the crows on the swaying coconut leaves,the beautiful flowers in the garden downstairs-leaving all these behind,getting up in the wee hours of the
morning,struggling to leave home on time,life is going to be different now.anu was not like this;for her work is worship and she always loves to walk that extra mile to excel in profession causing jealousy in colleagues.
But i am excited for personal reasons.and sunday evening calls from maza across the seas gets me recharged for the whole week.thanks a million,dear.
Here i want to share a forwarded mail with you.generally,we forget to count our blessings and the same thing repeatedly i ask my clients to write down as a positive measure.

If you woke up this morning with more health than illness,you are more blessed than the million who won't survive the week.

If you have never experienced the danger of battle,the loneliness of imprisonment,the agony of torture or the pangs of starvation,you are ahead of 20 million people around the world.

If you have food in your refrigerator,clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep,you are richer than 75% of this world.

If you have money in the bank,in your wallet, and spare change in a dish some place, you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy.

If you hold up your head with a smileon your face and are truly thankful,you are blessed because the majority can,but most do not.

If you can hold someone's hand, hug themor even touch them on the shoulder,you are blessed because you canoffer God's healing touch.

If you can read this message,you are more blessed than over two billion people in the world that cannot read anything at all.

You are so blessed in ways you may never even know.

Hearty congrats to remiz,my blogger friend who is ranked 60th in indian bloggers!wow!a real achievement.i'm so happy for u.remiz,you have a long way to go in the field of wishes, are going to be the star of kannur.
Friends,the moment you feel depressed,take a deep breath and relax.give the best smile you can offer and start counting the blessings you helps us a lot!you know what,the small acts of kindness and love makes our day.yesterday,yellappa had come to visit me.he had been to
bijapur in karnataka,his native place.he had brought many big oninons and moong straight from his fields.we felt so nice,a humble person with a cloth bag full of gifts,that too from his fields !normally,once a year he used to get the pea nuts with shells and i used to enjoy them after boiling them in salted chennai we had it from the beach,from a small hand
cart.yellappa,is so sincere ,a typical village guy who has a simple loving heart.kishen,my little star and maza love him a lot.we just can't ignore his simple and caring style.he sits down and talks for long about the weather of his village,how they get water from the river for the crops etc.
i'm sure,like me ,you will enjoy this song ,the hit of the yester years..........Karutha penne ninne........
in kerala we enjoy the old malayalam songs on radio.and my little star simply loves these songs.
specially,at noon from one to two.
and thanks a bunch,my dear friend for getting this one for me..................

It's anu signing off........................

Hearty welcome awaits you,kishen,darling.........and happy and wonderful birthday to my dearest little star and achu on 11th and 12th august...........wishing both of you the very best from the depth of my heart and many many happy returns of the day.................................missing being together and loving you more n more....................,A BIG GOD BLESS YOU!

Wishing all of you,an energy packed week ahead..........

Saturday, August 8, 2009


WITH PLEASURE.......................

8th august,2009,
5 p.m

Dear Friends,

good evening.morning was cool with the mild showers and i was thrilled.i rushed to the balcony to feel the rain drops.i wanted the water drops to be splashed on my face.and my morning was cheerful.when i phoned amma,nanda was not at home ;early morning she had left for nalambala darshanam.nanda is so lucky to have darshan of Sree Rama,Lakshman,Bharata and Shatrugnha.and in karkidaka masam to have nalambala darshan is a real blessing.

not much of introduction in this post as the lines may be lengthy.
aparna and avinash are my olleagues.she is slim,tall and fair
with long hair.very enthusiastic,always with a smile,she is
the centre of attraction.avinash is fair,well built and with
charming personality.they share a warm relation.
they are my juniors but a steady and slow bond was built between us.both of them belong to same state and they got along very well.i always enjoy their some extent ,i become cheerful in their company.and slowly,i knew the real love is blooming in their i'm on long leave,aparna had come to visit me.i really felt nice spending time with soemone whom i really like.over a cup of coffee and biscuits,she had lots to is the only saturday we get as a holiday other than sundays and guys,it is a luxury for us.always we wait for this day anxiously. shopping,partying,dance floors,beaches,we just love to spend our second saturday in aspecial way.

and today aparna and avinash are going to put on their dancing shoes and attend an event and to warm up the dance floor.she wanted to know whether i could join was yesterday avinash took her for dining out at Supreme. and it was there in the candle light,giving her a red rose he asked her,can she be his valentine;wow!the most beautiful lines a girl would like to hear from her lover...........aparna was blushing..............she was in some dream is in the air;the most beautiful feeling one can have in minds.and teh positive and good feelings spreads to others too.and folks,she really looks pretty these days!

The need of the hour is love,romance n care,
the emotional fulfilment two want to have,
any time we can bring romance into our lives,
irrespective of time ,age and status.
a little effort and understanding whole heartedly,
we can attain the intimacy and happiness,
the lasting passion is really wonderful.
when the lovers are together,
they are always in a dream world,
stroking hair,hugging each other,
wrapping his arm around her,
they spend the evenings by the sea shore.
even the mild touchings are so enjoyable.
they are complementing each other,
lavishly on each other with love,
they are beaming and basking in love,
the silence is so meaningful,
and the nights are sleepless.
they feel they are dying of thirst in a desert.
thirsty for love and togetherness.
they always want to feel close,
the whole life has changed altogether.
they have found their soulmates,
and i'm so happy for them.
he gives her undivided attention,
and that's all she needed so far.
both of them make each other feel good,
and she appreciates his sincere love.
they are important to each other,
the small things make a lot of difference.
taking time to talk and talk,
even the daily happenings brought them closer.
love really works wonders,
the whole world appears more beautiful,
the very thought of the lover,
brings the cute smile on one's face!
fall in love, but it should be forever,
and will you be my valentine?
should be asked after a sincere courtship.

a guy is completely focused on winning over the lady he cares for and will do whatever it takes to be successful.his ability to focus so intently makes a big impact on the woman who is the centre of his desires.problems begin only after he succeeds.having won her,he relaxes and redirects his energy towards a new goal.[these lines are written thinking of dinesh in the previous post].
but with a little love,care and concern the romantic feelings can be rekindled.and i love parrots to be the messengers of love to pigeons.right from childhood we used to see many parrots on the branches of Aaranpuli Tree[ a sour and sweet fruit of six sides n parrots love this].i miss parrots these days.this tree is here,in this state where i live and iwas so happy to see it.
it's anu signing off..........................
it's a beautiful evening.the sea is calm; boats are moving slowly on water.the road is busy with people and vehicles.spending time in balcony,looking at the ships,i feel much better.a cool breeze brushes my sparrows give me the sms-''i will be a little late today.''the sky is blue and the sun set will change the colour.the illuminations of the ships make the water colourful.who won't feel like to be the valentine in this cool twilight?[at least be honest once for all].;D
happy birthday to arun kayamkulam and many many happy returns of the day........may God bless you!
By the way,what is your programme for the week end?an evening or a day with your valentine?whatever,may be the plans ,be sincere in your feelings.don't repeat Minal's story and reading that post my north indian friend was so upset thinking of his school friend.i was surprised,even after so many years,the honest feelings are fresh and haunting!they happened to be out of range forever!

and today's dedication is for all the valentines.....................i love this song.there is no dance or running around the trees.just watch the expressions and you feel the love that burns the heart......

Thattam pidichu valikalle,mylanchi chediye.....................................

wishing a grand holiday ahead,and reminding you anu loves you.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

AUTOGRAPH PLEASE....................

IT IS CALL OFF TIME...................


Dear Friends,

good evening.on the day of pournami in shravan,along with Raksha Bandhan,Narli Pournima was also begins the new fishing season for fishermen in coastal areas.fishermen usually pray to the sea God,Varuna[God of the rain] before sailing out into the sea.they believe that the sea is the purest water body .coconuts were offered to the sea on this day,hence giving the festival its name of Narli Pournima.fishermen paint their boats and break coconuts aganist them as offerings to the sea God.the offering of coconut is both auspicious and symbolic of the energy creation.little oil lamps are lit carried in the boats and set afloat amidst the
waves.garlands are also offered to the sea.the rest of the day is full of festivities through song and dance.a dish of sweetened rice and coconut called narali bhat is prepared as is also known as Suta poonav.mouth watering food like 'roas',puri bhaji and godshe are also prepared.this festival is for appeasing the Sea God.

Minal is my friend who often spends time with me in the week ends.we talk anything n everything under the sun.working in a private firm,she has stories to share always.a very cheerful,enthusiastic and smart girl,minal was.she was very friendly with her colleague,dinesh.they got along very well initially n he was helping her in job.the special care n concern led to love and they started spending evenings together.the beautiful moments and the colourful days didn't last long.there was a twist in the life, when he resigned the job and left for home town to start his own business.all of a sudden,he became very busy and could not spend time for her.unknowingly the distance between them started growing.last sunday she came with tears,totally shattered as the separation really affected her a lot.she was missing him,his presence and his phone calls.even he was not attending her calls.she was broken and i just allowed her to let her feelings flow.the tears rolled down her cheeks and i hugged her tightly.

she left her autograph on my desk and asked me to get his good bye lines.i knew,it is going to get over.when i tried to contact him,he didn't bother much and he complained she doesn't understand his busy life and he needs time to settle down.he was not ready to accept the fact that hardly five minutes could be spent on a call or on a,it is call off time........i feel sorry,a connection is disconnected of ego.

while parting, we collect the lines from hearts,and we hold them close to our heart.they have the real meaning of separation..........we still have the autographs of my parents of maharaja's college,ernakulam.i love to go through the sincere lines...............i enjoy browsing through my autographs.the minds and faces become clear and i feel their presence.i do miss them often.i compare the sincerity in relations and friendships.and recently amma received a greeting for completing fifty years of friendship from amma's student cum friend!what an amazing moment!we were thrilled.she is sr.modesta.and we make it a point to meet her in kerala.she reaches us on all occasions through letters.and we strongly believe the sincere and honest relatons are for ever.we are proud of amma and sr.modesta,the wonderful friends of our life!

Minal's life has turned upside down,

she is in her own world,these days.

she hardly attends the calls on mobile,

and she stopped visiting me.

each day of her life has turned into mechanical,

the pain of love,it burns her each moment;

why am i upset,i do wonder;

it happens when the person is your friend.

in the sea of darkness,in the depths of night,

sitting alone,she cries whole night.

rocked by pain and burnt by hurt,

she punishes her a lot.

she was just like a jasmine flower,

spreading fragrance and peace, she lived;

i really wish he should come back to her,

and one long call will do the magic.

her hopes shouldn't be shattered,
all her joys shouldn't end this way.

he is stubborn and wants to reach the greater heights,

and she will be never for him by the end.

a sorry mail,a short chat anything could cheer her up,

but i know,he won't do that,

he has reasons which only he knows.

but i luv her a lot,the simple girl,

of my small town and my great friend,

but i am helpless and can't do anything.

once again,i want to take her to the beach,

and when her tresses fly,she looks so beautiful,

i love to hear her bangles'tinklet

and the chime of her anklet.

i really wish to bring back the smile,

and for her i have to be a strong friend.

life must move on,we should get up,

don't allow anyone to snatch our smiles.

wishing for the best,let me meet her,

this week end minal will smile!

and i'm sure enthusiasm is contageous.

friends,it is time to leave them alone and give space.we all have the right to remain silent.and only in the absence of our beloved ones we realise how much we miss them.
when the minds are closed,you can't love.arguments are a war of words.issues become more complex.i hope some solution comes up these days.or let me send him the autograph.............what do u say?any suggestions?i feel blank these days...........and minal believes in self punishment and she will go to any extent,no one will ever come to know?how could he reject her priceless love?how could he ignore it?

t's anu signing off...........................

today's dedication is for dinesh who loves songs and tried to teach minal the melodious malayalam songs............................

Thenum vayambum naavil thoovum vanambadi....................

Raagam................. sree.............. ragam,padoo nee.....................

friends,when you win the hearts,please see that you take care of beloved ones.ignorance and arguements won't help any bonds growing.
wishing you a wonderful night filled with dreams that will come true!anu loves you all!
belated birthday greetings to loretta,my local friend!many many happy returns of the day! and guys,you know,loretta very well.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009



I LOVE YOU,MY BROTHERS...............

4th august,2009

Dear friends,

weather is fine.happiness is all's celebration time .one after another people are busy celebrating events n festivals n occasions.the waves are calm .the fisherfolks are happy with good sparrows are annoyed, i think,they make a lot of noise these days.i didn't have time to spend with them.the chirping is more.sorry,my birdies..............i was in some dream world.

the last round shoppings of saptah festival is going on.all the stalls will be removed soon.right from grinding stone to furniture you can buy anything and every thing.

friends,tomorrow we are celebrating one of the most awaited festivals,Raksha bandhan.maza n my little star eagerly wait for this festival to tie rakhi on kishen's wrist.and theywant the gifts back.that is more important.and we pay cash or gifts to kishen to give them as token of their luv.

and i'm sure maza's online rakhi will reach kishen tomorrow.distance is not a problem.the love,the care between brothers n sisters really will be a surprise for him.and surprises double the happiness.many sites take orders and ensure that the specified rakhi and gift reach the recipient on the Raksha Bandhan Day.

Ladies are busy purchasing rakhis and other necessary things for the 'arti thali'.the thali consists of a Rakhi,diya,tikka,roli,chawal and other accessories for the occasion.almost all shops in town are flooded with attractive rakhi gifts to attract people.ladies shop for new clothes and rakhis that are to be sent for brothers staying far away.the stalls and stores in the state have stocked up with beautiful and gorgeous rakhis for sale and people really spend their time to choose the good ones.

Raksha Bandhan is more of cultural festival and at temples located in some places a large number of hindu girls and boys gather to celebrate the is celebrated with different rituals,family gettogethers and sweets.Raksha bandhan is about sentiments,love and any other festival it has its unique significance.Raksha means protection.Bandhan means bondage;so,Raksha Bandhan is a bondage that protects us.

friends today's post is dedicated to my loving brothers,who mean a lot to us- -me and nanda. you all know, we are five children of our parents-hum paanch.maza often complains i hardly write anything about kunjettan.right,dear,i was not writing;but unintensionally.ettan complains,nanda is the star of my blog.whenever i write about amma,i talk about nanda too.and here we present our beloved brothers before you.the love is the superior feeling that over rules the small fights and arguements.when we face a problem,we are sure more than us ,our siblings are worried.they keep a track of the daily happenings .they join us in our joys and sorrows,give us moral support when we feel we are losing our courage.they offer us the shoulder to lean and cry,to hold their hands when we are about to lose balance and to face the lives with psoitive attitude.kunjettan introduces us to the world of spiritual and serious reading and he gifts amma many such you all know,nanda is the sweet favourite sissy,but they love me a lot.i still give ample opportunities for all to scold me and to remind me blogging is not life.there are other things that iam neglecting.and kunjettan,he wants me to write in magazines not in blog.still,iam taken care of,they get upset when iam not on chats or phone or mails.My God,thanks a lot for this wonderful relations!or where i would have been!and when my phone call doesn't reach kunjettan once aweek,he complains to amma.

ettan,our eldest brother,

the most loving and caring,

he expresses his love n care,

by words and actions,

who reaches out to all,

when his presence is needed,

generous enough to shower us with gifts,

who sits and chats with my friends,

who has a very good sense of humour,

ettan and family and nanda and family,

lucky they were staying in the middle east,

they were never away from us,

as both of them could vist in week ends,

they got together for celebrations,

and lived happily in the beautiful city.

i was pampered a lot,

during my visit to the middle east,

i named them and they got them !

kunjettan ,our second brother,

who believes in certain principles,

a product of REC [now NIT] calicut,

passed out M.TECH, standing first in the university,

so simple and humble,who has high thoughts,

works with satellites and missiles,

down to earth and guides me alot,

he lives a peaceful life with family,

in the capital city of kerala.

kunjettan,we can never forget,

your efforts and the time spent,

and just because of you,brother,

amma's five books are published.

kunjettan does a lot of charity

and he is so kind hearted.

and the youngest of us is madhav,

all of you know him very well,

from my earlier post,Happy Doctor's Day!;

the brilliant,the favourite of our family,

he is the kunjammama of our children.

the most beloved and adventurous,

who has time for kids and plays with them,

the service minded doctor of the society,

the product of calicut medical college.

lucky you are bro to settle down in gurupavana puri,

you are really blessed with a happy family.

we are the lucky sisters,nanda n me,

to have the wonderful brothers in our life.

wherever we will be,near or far,

our prayers and love will be always with you,

our dearest brothers,we love you a lot,

may you always be blessed,

with that is the best in your lives,

and we are really happy and grateful,

dear GOD,you are so kind to us,

our bond strengthens by each passing day!

and now,after reading this loving dedication,my bros,send me and nanda the gifts!;D

and recently for achu's engagement in chennai all five of us got together and had lot of fun!after a long gap,we had a nice time cracking jokes,partying together and showing love and care towards each other. amma and achan, thank you very much for all the culture and values instilled right from the childhood. how much i love to recollect those tension free days when we lived together under the shadow of that care and concern.the safe and secure feelings were so strong. amma still collects narmabhumi for ettan as he enjoys reading the humorous stuff.still we buy,balarama,boban n molley not for kids,but for ettan.during his annual visits from gulf,he makes it apoint to vist all realatives and even the helpers of old times and take snaps and upload them in pc orshow us in home theatre.

and i have a wonderful blogger brother,most of you know him. a simple,loving n caring brother who writes touching,how can i forget your help? as and when i needed them you were the first one to offer!May God Bless you!you have left an unforgettable impression in a short period and iam grateful to you for reminding goodness remains in this world.i really pray for your bright future.
here i remember the blogger friend who owns the blog,''In the memory of a sister..........'' who craves for the love of a sister..............that is the strong bond people miss in life!

it's anu signing off......................................

girls those who don't have a brother search for a boy and give him the rakhi,making him a dharm-bhai[a brother with the same belief].but i know,most of the boys run away from rakhis.;D

friends i have a code word with people whom i meet.when any one starts taking the advanced step,i remind them the pledge,''All Indians are my brothers.................................''enough.they know where they should stay.

and today's dedication is for all the brothers from us-my little star,maza,nanda and me--------


anu loves you all...............................please bring the special smile on the face of your sisters..........[and dear brothers will assure the life long love and protection]..

wishing you a wonderful day ahead,rebuilding the strong bond of brothers and sisters,